Registration for the Tests - English and German Sections 2021/2022

The applications are now open and the deadline is now the 7th May 2021. All of the information is on our website but is mostly in French.


The application should be done online here : Most of the questions are fairly straightforward.

You will need to download the documents into the application in the window towards the end of the questionnaire.

There are 2 admissions sessions. The first is on the 19th of May and the 2nd will be on 8th of September 2021. The second session is reserved for children arriving from abroad over the summer.


Assuming that all is well, the children come into the school and are "assessed" to see whether they would be suited to and able to follow our cursus. The assessment is done orally in the form of an interview including some games and comprehension exercises.

The children are also assessed based on the documents provided with their application. So it is good to include relevant items. These should be : passport, birth certificate of both parents and child ; school/day-care reports or certificates + any other documentation that would help to support your child's application, showing how/why he or she speaks English.

One of those documents, which is compulsory, is the current teacher's evaluation form. You can find the English version of this here 

Evaluation in English

It is perfectly acceptable to have this filled out in English.

Here is the German version

Evaluation in German


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